I am Marcotte, a french abstract artist who create art playing with paints and threads. For a long time, I asked myself if we were all born with a gift, so I naturally started seeking mine. I then discovered “sculpture painting” that reflects well my emotions and my soul. Through my experiences, I finally understood that life goes by and hangs by a thread.

So I want to create beautiful things in my life and give pleasure to others through my art.

Marcotte, self-made contemporary artist, escaping institutions and conventional channels.

The graphical abstract and the Holi (1) of colors and fibers in my work elaborate on the connection and interdependencies between wholeness and nothingness.

My accumulation technique lets me use materials as the creative media that will let the viewer fill and envision the void.

I give rise to my emotions, their vibrational and repetitive dimension, like body and soul, the infinitely small within the infinitely large.

It is an invitation to engage in introspection about the concept of Life, and about my own personal freedom.

“The process of fullness and emptiness” gives energy that diffuses across my visible and invisible work, in relation to media and surfaces.

The notion of space is essential in the « support/surface » art movement. It questions the perceived status of works of art as defined and determined. The freedom to use space in paintings, and volumes in sculpture, has an impact on the way they can be exhibited: works of art are not closed and tight, but they fully occupy the surrounding space and sometimes incorporate the other artworks or objects around.

I paint what cannot be seen, what can be imagined! It is “positive art”.

(1) Holi, sometimes called “festival of colors” or Phalguna, is a Hindu festival celebrating the Spring equinox. Its origins are in Vasantotsava, both a Rite of Spring and a celebration of fertility.

abstract artist


I make my life a sculpture, a painting, an original artwork, that I have the pleasure to exhib. It is really important to me that you make your own interpretation through your eyes.

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